Green Gases and Innovations

Green Gases are the future of our gas supply.

As energy carrier and as ressource they are a building block of tomorrows prosperity.

On the path to there, we have to re-invent ourselves and our economy. Already today, we are setting the course for this.

We support you on this way with our creativity and with many years of experience.

Out Experts

We are consulting on renewable gases since 2019. GreenGasAdvisors is the consultancy of

Dipl.-Ing Stephan Bowe 

Katharina Sailer

Johan Grope

Part of his Team is also

Dr.-Ing Paul Girbig

We consult on:

  • Regulatory ramework and standards
  • Certification systems
  • Greenhouse gas balancing
  • Markets and business strategies
  • Energiy efficiency in Industry

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Stephan Bowe

My Topics:

  • Biomethane, Hydrogen, Power to Gas
  • Renewable Energy Verification Systems
  • Regulatory Framework, Standardisation and Certification

Contribute to DIN- und CEN-Committees on guarantees of origin (EN 16325) Lead of “Project Team Gas”.

My Experience:

  • since 2019: GreenGasAdvisors
  • 2009-2018: German Energy Agency:
    Biogasregister Deutschland: Registry development and operation, International cooperation agreements between registries
  • 2015: Article in “The Biogas Handbook
  • Technical University Berlin: Dipl.-Ing. for Environmental Engineering
  • Theme centered Interaction (TCI)


Katharina Sailer

My Topics:

  • Hydrogen, liquid hydrogen, synthesis gas (SNG), e-methanol, e-ammonia, biomethane, bio-LNG
  • Regulatory requirements for renewable hydrogen and its derivatives
  • Greenhouse gas balancing

My Experience:

  • Advising petroleum companies, car manufacturers and gas station operators in the transport sector on sustainability requirements, certification and the greenhouse gas reduction quota.
  • Designing a blockchain-based certification system for RFNBOs.
  • Advising stakeholders on the development of national hydrogen standards.
  • Advice on the use of e-fuels in shipping. Comparative analysis of liquid hydrogen, liquid SNG, e-methanol and e-ammonia.
  • Former member of the Union Database focus group on gaseous fuels.



Johan Grope

My Topics:

  • Biogas / biomethane, e-mobility and power-to-gas
  • Energy and carbon markets, especially GHG quotas
  • Economic and ecological assessments as well as sustainability certification

My Experience:

  • 2021 to 2023 – Managing Director / Founder eQuota GmbH: Software service provider for the processing and trading of the GHG quota from emobility and green gases

  • 2013 to 2021 – Institute for Biogas, Circular Economy & Energy: Processing and management of research and consulting projects as well as advising political and business decision-makers

  • 2012 to 2013 – Berlin Energy Agency 2010 to 2012: German Biomass Research Center gGmbH

  • Education – Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg: Dipl.-Ing. Mechanical engineering (energy technology)


Dr. Paul Girbig

Meine Themen
  • Energieeffizienzsteigerung in Industrieanwendungen unter Berücksichtigung des Klimaschutzes.
  • Technologien Kraft-Wärme-Kopplung, betriebliches Energiemanagement, Energietransport
  • Mitglied im deutschen DIN-Normenausschuss „Grundlagen des Umweltschutzes NA 172-00-09 AA“
  • Deutscher Delegierter im ISO Technical Committee 301 „Energy management and energy savings“ und im CEN-CENELEC Sector Forum „Energy Management“
  • Mitwirkender in der CEN Arbeitsgruppe Revision der EN 16325 „Guarantees of Origin“.

Meine Erfahrungen

  • Über 30 Jahre in leitender Funktion in der Industrie mit dem Beratungsfokus industrielle Energiebereitstellung, Energietransport und Energieeinsatz einschließlich der Produktionsprozesse.
  • Entwicklungen von Strategien, um den wirtschaftlichen Unternehmenserfolg nachhaltig zu steigern.
  • Umsetzung DIN EN ISO 50001 Energiemanagement unter Berücksichtigung der DIN ISO 50006 Energieleistungskennzahlen
  • Lehrbeauftragter an der Technischer Universität München und an der Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften Ansbach.

Our Work

Examples of our diverse projects:

  • GO4Industry
    Develop a comprehensive national verification concept for renewable energies
  • Renewable Natural Gas Registry Ireland
    Irlands Registry für green gases in the gas grid
  • Green Gases Network
    Platform for information exchange for green gas experts (German)

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Renewable Gas Registry Ireland

In Ireland, the first plant injects biomethane into the national gas grid since 2020. The “Renewable Natural Gas Registry” records these gas amounts precisely and allows flexible marketing of green gases.

It is operated by the Irish gas grid operator Gas Networks Ireland.  

Stephan Bowe has designed and developed Ireland’s first tracking system for green gases in the grid.

We analyse, how guarantees of origin and other verification concepts for renewable energy sources for electricity, gases, heating/cooling and liquid fuels may interact in the future. Thus, we develop the foundations for a comprehensive national verification concept for renewable energies. This enables industrial companies to switch to renewable energy sources and to make their production climate-neutral.

GreenGasAdvisors realizes in cooperation with the Hamburg Institut the GO4Industry project. The project results may be found on the project website The project is supported by the German Federal Minitstry for the Environment.

Green Gases Network

The Green Gases Network is a platform for information exchange on green gase. The network is open for anyone interested and it is free of charge (German communication). GreenGasAdvisors has provided this mailing list since 2019; around 350 experts (as of Jan. 2022) are registered.


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